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 Mahi on new Mark White scoop face lure

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PostSubject: Mahi on new Mark White scoop face lure   Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:32 pm

Just received a new lure from Mark White for Christmas and finally was able to try it out. Within fifteen minute sof putting it out in the pattern, saw a Mahi chase but not bite, made a circle and hanapa'a, not a big fish but at elsat initiated the lure. A little later, an Ono made a try for it but missed getting hooked but did succeed in shredding a few of the skirts. It was still usuable, so out it went into the pattern again. Decided to head out into deeper water and a Marlin made several attempts at biting the lure but missed getting hooked. All this action and all on the same lure, don't know what was so appealing about it, but sure want to go out and try using it again to see what else can be caught on this super running lure. It has just the right popping action that I like. I was running it on the fourth wave face, and it ran perfectly. Maybe next time I'll try it on the rigger too to see how it works outside too.
This lure was actually a special concoction from Mark. I told him that my dad's favorite lure color was yellow and he never failed to fish without his one favorite lure out in the pattern. Hence this yellow lure color, kinda in honor of my beloved dad.
Will make more posts as soon as I have more to report with this lure.
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Mahi on new Mark White scoop face lure
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