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 just a fish story

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PostSubject: just a fish story   just a fish story EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 11:38 pm

so im at ford island today on oahu whipping useing a 1/4 oz rite at sunset i got a few follows nothing too good or big i cast out retrieving fast and i get a big kagami to follow i can see him probally in the 15lbs to 20lbs range big one i cast out one more time about 30ft from shore he hit the lure it goes flying in the air hits the water so im like holy crap so i keep reeling and a bout 3ft from shore he hits again misses get me all wet the most excitement ever lol so guys no fish but i will be back for him again just wanted to tell you all how crazy and amazing mw lures are they are the bestest i would recommend that every fishermen have at least 10 mw in his tackle box happy fishing boys
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just a fish story
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