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 Yellowtail Cedros Island, Mexico

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PostSubject: Yellowtail Cedros Island, Mexico   Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:23 am

Howzit everybody! Just came back from a fly-in 5 day fishing trip with Cedros Outdoor Aventures. We were targeting Calico Bass and California Yellowtail on Cedros Island of the coast of Baja Mexico. The yellowtail were running 20# -50#+! We were fishing live bait and yoyo iron in 30'-60' of water, so on the 2nd day I decided to tie on my MW 5oz white red eye surface plug. I was casting the plug 30yards away from the panga/skiff and letting them sink to the bottom and cranking them back full speed. I was using conventional tackle, Phenix Hybrid 809XH, 8', 30-80# with an Avet JX6/3 with 65# braid and 20' 50# mono topshot. I added a split ring to the eye with heavy mono so not to hinder the action of the plug.
On my third cast I hook up with a yellowtail about 20#+, my fishing partners were yelling, "No way!" Yes way! Tried to get the classic pic, MW plug in the mouth but my panga captain was not the photog type. Stoked! I hooked landed and release 3 yellowtail with 3 successive casts to 30#, almost. On the 3rd hook up, a bigger model, I decided to get a picture of the yellowtail with MW plug in its mouth! When the fish came to color, we were shocked to see the plug was down the big yellowtail's throat, the fish inhaled it! Our panga captain was just about to tail the hooked fish, on the surface and just out of reach, 2 head shakes and the line broke! Aaagghh! Not only did I lose a very nice fish, I lost my only red eyed white Mark White Surface Plug! I know, BS without pictures, right? As soon as I can post pics, here, I got pics of all 3 yellowtail including a pic of the one I lost in the water!
Next up, trying out the Mark White 6oz "Ulua" bar! Mahi are running off SoCal so I'm going to try my luck throwing the Ulua bar, but this time, I'm adding a 3' 80# single strand wire leader!
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Yellowtail Cedros Island, Mexico
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