Fishing with Mark White Lures
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PostSubject: got to try it!!!   Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:56 pm

If you haven't tried this type of jigging go check out Marks video "Shux". This really works. I use Mark's lures everytime I go whipping and have had great success with them. I use to own 3 of his lures but lost two on huge strikes. The power 40# test line broke on two of them after a good long fight. What I like to do is after a long cast but only if you have room in the water to jig, start jigging the lure around for a bit like how it is in the video. I've gotten pretty good ones with this jigging. Like in the video you see the two omilu come up for the lure but missed. Don't get discourage, just quickly drop the lure back in a jig a few more times cause that's how I got mine. Look closely at the video, after the omilu miss you can see them quickly circle around. Just wanted to let you Mark White lure users to try this you'd be amazed!!!
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