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 Penn 420/430SSG Repair bulletin (May 7, 2010)

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PostSubject: Penn 420/430SSG Repair bulletin (May 7, 2010)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:44 pm

Aloha All!

Not sure if many of you know about the repair bulletin posted a few months ago for the Penn 420/430SSG spinner reels. But I recently picked up a new 430SSG from the local fishing store and found out online (while doing searches on penn reels) about this manufacture defect. You can check out the repair bulletin here but I'll also quote the bulletin to save you time:

Quoted from the repair bulletin:

Spinfisher 420SSG and 430SSG Bail Spring Issue

Background Information:
A recurring repair issue with the bail spring of the 420SSg and 430SSg Spinfisher reels has been the tendency for the torsion spring to fall out of the bail cam. This renders the bail wire and the reel useless.

Affected Reels: All Spinfisher 420SSG and 430SSG made before 6/1/2010
The rotor mold has been modified to prevent this issue on all future production.

Repair Procedure:
A repair part has been created (032A420G Bail Spring Spacer) that installs in the rotor arm so that the torsion spring leg is supported and will not back out of the bail cam. The spacer fits snugly around the support post and does not need special tools or adhesive.

This allows service centers to quickly repair the reel without replacing the entire rotor assembly.**

**Although, you can email Penn and they will send you the spacer for free which I did. And it only took as long as over the weekend to come in the mail.

The repair bulletin is it's own repair instructions but I just installed the spacer today and took pics for you, the fishing community that owns this specific reel. Enjoy!

All you need is a flathead screwdriver...

1. Remove Bail and Cover screws.

2. Install (push/snap in) new spacer around bail cam.

3. Install cover plate first.

4. Then install the Bail arm, making sure that the spring sets into it's guide hole on the bail arm.

Happy Fishing!

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Penn 420/430SSG Repair bulletin (May 7, 2010)
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